The answer is yes, yes you can and although I know that for many (including my dad) it sounds too good for anyone to do it, it is thanks to that possibility that today I can live traveling and multiply my income while I do it. All without being a genius of technology, or have won the lottery.

Another good news is that if you use a little imagination + passion (and put into practice the options in this guide) you can start creating your own web project today, for less than what it costs you to go to the cinema and start the way to generate income online, working from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world, as a digital nomad.

Probably as a salaried worker you will not get very far

I think you have already realized that working for the dreams of another, we will not get far ... and less in our region (low wages + high cost of living).

That is why online jobs have become an excellent option for many, and I hope to show you with my repeated experiences (in different topics), that none of this is a matter of luck, but to make you want, because the reality is that that the opportunities to make money online are within the reach of whoever wants to take them.

Let's see, when I say that you can generate income, I speak of amounts that most of us could never earn when working for others. Income that in my case, sometimes exceeds $ 100,000 per month!

In this article, I want to share with you some of the easiest business ideas to implement to generate online income, which you probably did not know existed (like I did just over 2 years ago).

Take into account that the one that is more viable for you, will depend on your tastes and abilities.

How to make money online while working in pajamas and create an online business capable of working in automatic

If you have read me before, you probably already know that with my online business models, I can make money even while I sleep.

So much so that today I earn my old salary of one year in a single month almost automatically. And no, I'm not interested in showing off, but as talking about numbers seems to be what moves many, I do it so you can see the incredible possibilities of achieving financial freedom that 99% of Hispanics are losing and that are at reach of everyone with access to a computer and internet connection.

Eye, the one that today can generate passive income (almost without working), does not mean that I never moved a finger. There have been more than 1,500 hours of study, trial, and error (all step by step I summarize my community of free support to digital entrepreneurs).
Before the general listing with 20 of the best ways to earn money online, I share:

My favorite way to generate income online

Earn money online creating your own Blog

The best for the beginning! Definitely, creating a blog is the way to earn money online while working from home that I personally recommend... But, why do you think that a blog is the best way to make money online?

Well, because writing about something that you really love and that you receive money for doing, is for me the best job in the world. In addition to the,t there are many ways with which you can monetize it.

The investment is minimal (less than what it costs to go to the cinema) and the profits can be very high, becoming in the end a very profitable business that will not need your presence to generate money.

Thanks to my blogs, I was able to give up my work in that prestigious multinational company and multiply my income while living the life of my dreams.
Yes, I did not give up overnight (I notice it because there are hundreds who write to me every week telling me that they will give up their work to create a blog, and I suggest doing it the other way around).

Personally, I worked on my web project at night, while I continued with my regular work (one that made me leave my house at 6am and return at 9pm).

I did not give my resignation letter until I saw my blog generate, for more than 3 consecutive months, income that exceeded my old salary. That salary that took me 6 years, a bachelor's degree and master's degree to achieve and that now far exceeded thanks to that I decided to create a blog that allows me to live traveling ... who would say it!
Ways to earn money with a blog

Affiliate Marketing

Possibly the easiest way to earn money online.

It is summarized in finding a product aligned to the theme of your website, that you really like and join your affiliate program, then promote it with your followers and receive a commission for each sale (they will give you an affiliate link that will allow them know that the customer came for your reference).

There are thousands of affiliate programs that you can join, most are completely free and the only requirement to be accepted, is having a blog or website related to the theme of the product or service that you would like to promote.

Example: a travel blog can join and a fashion website (or almost any other theme), can apply to the Amazon affiliate program and start promoting their favorite outfits and accessories, among the other thousands of products that Amazon has to choose from.

Join the free course and create your professional blog in less than 1 hour

This is one of the most used monetization models to generate passive income online, especially when they are blogs or websites that handle news or entertainment-themed topics, easily becoming viral.

The reason is that as you pay only a couple of cents per click, to generate a good source of income, you need to have a high volume of readers.

Based on my personal experience, using Google Adsense on this and several of my other websites, for every 10,000 impressions of ads, you would be earning a minimum of $ 10 dollars ($ 1 for every 1,000 impressions). This varies according to your thematic, the location of the public that reads you and some other factors.

Note: Google Adsense is a free tool that allows you to place advertising banners on your website or Youtube channel. Registration is free.
Sell ??digital products (infoproducts)

If you have a website with a subject that you are passionate about, of which you have some knowledge and / or a lot of experience (even if you do not have a university degree that accredits you as a travel graduate, etc.), you can create and sell a digital product in format (usually in PDF format or prerecorded video) and have the possibility to generate thousands of dollars in online income every month, while teaching others what you know about the subject.

Example: when I started talking about my experience promoting brands and getting sponsors for my first travel blog, hundreds of people wrote to me asking for advice to do the same.

It was weeks that I was repeating the same answer over and over again until it occurred to me to summarize everything in a guide to get sponsorships and offer it to those who asked me.

It took me only a couple of hours to create it (I wrote it in Word, I passed it to PDF and I put it on sale here on my website) and it ended up becoming so popular, that after a year it was sold by word of mouth, generating a couple of thousands a month, with almost no need for promotion.

This type of income online is one of the most lucrative, but also of those that more initial work represents. The good news is that once the product has been created and promoted, it can become an excellent entry of passive income for years (as long as the information you offer remains current and up to date).

Create an online course or promote that of another blogger and earn a commission (affiliation)

The idea is based on creating videos sharing information that helps solve some of the problems of your readers.

For example, you are very good at managing your budget and you manage to make it yield until the end of the month, even when you have little income? So show others how you do it!

As you read it. If you knew the huge number of people interested in learning to manage their finances efficiently, ranging from serious investors, to families trying to save for the arrival of their new baby.

Moreover, the fact that so many have asked me about the subject, is precisely the reason why I promote some personal finance courses (among several other topics) and that I probably create a section on this website, to talk about how I manage my budget.

So you know, creating a pre-recorded mini-course of almost any subject can take you to generate thousands of dollars each month without much effort.

Myths about making money online and the idea that it can be done without working
Just as nothing that is worthwhile in life is easy, generating enough passive income to live comfortably is not easy and requires a lot of work, at least at the beginning.

I know that you have probably read some of the moon and the stars, but as I say every time I publish in my support community, I feel the obligation to speak to them clearly: having a profitable and passive online business is a difficult task, but not impossible.

That's why with the community of bloggers and my free courses, I try to guide you with all the information you need to have a shorter path than mine, after that, it depends on you, your desire, your commitment.

You will NOT create your website today and start earning money online overnight. Earn money online and generate passive income to the point of leaving them automatic, it takes time.

As I told you a moment ago, my first web project ( took almost a year of hard work and hundreds of hours of trial and error, before generating enough money to allow me to live on the web and give up my old job

It's possible. I tell you with all the authority that supports the experience itself. Today, after almost 3 years of work, I live traveling with multiple entries of money (all online), work at my own pace and when I decide (my wonderful team keeps everything in order while I disconnect) and I do not have to render accounts to nobody.

This lifestyle is within reach of most of us and just as I did, I would love to see you experiencing it too.

20 ways to earn money online in this 2019

Mount your Drop shipping online store:

You create a web page with an online shop section and through it you buy a product from the manufacturer or wholesaler, but this is responsible for sending it directly to the customer, which prevents you from purchasing an inventory or getting involved in logistics problems. You make a prior agreement with the manufacturer where you specify that your work is customer service and collection of the product and that after that you will receive a commission percentage for the sale.

Offer your online consulting services:

When you have knowledge and skills in specific areas such as law, finance, software, etc., you can offer your consulting services for companies in the network. You only need to create a web page (nowadays it's like having a virtual resume and you can create it in less than 1 hour) with your proposal of value, experience and some other recommendation.

Earn money online with affiliate marketing:

You do not have products to sell and you do not offer any service, so the sale of affiliates can be an option to make money online for you. Another creates the product (either a physical or digital object) or provides the service and by registering on your website, you get a link that you promote through your blog, social networks, forums to which you belong, etc. and you receive a commission for each sale through your link. Once again, the only thing you need to be accepted in these free registration programs is to create a base web to share those affiliate links.

Work from home as a content editor:

If you have the ability to write and you love spending hours in front of the keyboard, becoming a freelance writer can be an occupation that makes you generate money working from home. Every day millions of articles are published on the internet and many website owners require the services of people who write them and from your bed and in pajamas, you can generate money easily. All you need is to create a portfolio in which you can show the type of work you can do, this is very easy to create your own website and publishing some examples before applying to possible online vacancies.

Other ways to earn extra money with jobs online

Work online through sponsorships for reviews:

For this it is necessary that you have a website: if for example yours is healthy recipes, many manufacturers of ingredients or kitchen implements could be interested in mentioning them of their products. And if your website is about cars, the spare parts and accessories distributors would be your perfect customers.

Offer your Virtual Assistant services:

If you're good at organizing appointments, meetings, setting up agendas and making reservations, or you're quick to write, being a virtual assistant can be the job of your dreams. There are several websites that are dedicated to finding virtual assistants for entrepreneurs and you could make money without having to go out.

Set up a website and offer your online classes:

If you have a talent, you can exploit it through the internet because there are many people out there who want to learn and who want to do it from the comfort of their home. You do not have to know languages ??or mathematics (although if you have the knowledge, they are a good option) because you can teach anything that is of interest to the public: from dance to pastry.

Open a YouTube channel:
If talking or acting in front of a camera is your thing, the world of videos is a medium that many use to generate income in different ways: Third Party Ads at the beginning of the video (linking your YouTube account with Adsense), Affiliate Marketing (of this we speak above) or using products in your videos and promoting them when talking about them to your followers. Recommended reading: how much a youtuber earns.

Other online jobs and additional business opportunities to generate income online

Offer yourself as a text editor:
Are you good at spelling and grammar? Is syntax and good writing one of your passions? Good editors are indispensable for publishing houses, magazines or newspapers. From the comfort of your home you can review texts as a full-time profession, which will make you earn money easily.

Provide your copywritter services:
Writing advertising texts intelligently is essential to attract attention and engage new customers. If you are given the art of selling with words easily, this work is the ideal one for you. A successful advertisement can make a copywritter highly valued, gain fame and therefore, a lot of money.


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